Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sooooo...I am actually early this go round so I decided to go ahead and post! This was an extremely fun artist to work from and I am really happy with the result. First, I mounted bristol board on masonite...then created Piper's illustration. Second, Patrick gave me an old French paperback he let me rip to shreads (I felt naughty!) to use for the background. Once I did that I did an acrylic wash with black, brown an copper. Now that I have scanned her in I am going to add a protective coating and she is all done!


  1. abso-freakin-;utely LOVE it!!!!!!!...........not sure if i should post mine now or not!!! LOL


  2. I love that she is holding Jack ( ; I am so glad you guys are doing this I LOVE IT